Treasure Bay Bintan

Treasure Bay Bintan

treasure bay bintanTreasure Bay Bintan, became one of my tourist destinations and family during Lebaran holiday yesterday. I was really curious to see a swimming pool that is said to be the longest swimming pool in Southeast Asia. Previously I only saw photos of some friends, and it seems very exciting there.

Finally, I went to this Treasure Bay. Not all of my family members who took part in this Treasure Bay. Due to the price of admission expensive, be just the young ones who enter. The rest awaits at the inn.

To enter into this Treasure Bay area we have to pay entrance ticket for Rp100.000 for adults and Rp50.000 for children. Of the nominal, 20% is used as an entrance ticket and the remaining 80% becomes a deposit that can be used to try the various water activities that are there, or to buy food and drinks. This deposit can not be refunded, so it’s better to just spend it, so it does not matter.

In each group will get 1 piece of entry in the form of bracelets. In this bracelet our deposit is located. There is an additional charge of Rp40,000 for this bracelet guarantee. The fee can be refunded when we return the bracelet. But if I do not want to be returned, it’s okay, the bracelet can be brought home and can be used again within 3 months from the first arrival. With a note: the deposit in the day remains exhausted and can not be used again in the next visit.

Then, what’s in Treasure Bay Bintan?

The most famous and time viral of the video in circulation is the Crystal Lagoon. The swimming pool that became the longest and largest swimming pool first in Southeast Asia! Crystal Lagoon has a length of about 800 meters with an area of about 6 hectares.

Why in the title of this post I say if this beach pool taste? Because when I drank the pool water, it was salty bok. Yes, so the water in the Crystal Lagoon is made in such a way that it resembles water on the beach. On the edge of the pond itself there are also fine sand beaches and soft.

Overall, Crystal Lagoon is indeed very similar to the original beach. The water is also very navy blue sea. But if compared with the real beach, of course in Crystal Lagoon is cleaner and safer for children swimming, because there are no dangerous sea animals. If you want to stay, there is an optional resort called The Canopy located right on the edge of the pool.