Singapore to Bintan Ferry

Singapore to Bintan Ferry

singapore to bintan ferryIf you have not read about road travel from Thailand to Malaysia, and Malaysia to Singapore, now is the best time. Singapore to Bintan ferry.

There is one ferry terminal from nearby Changi airport to Indonesia from Singapore, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal serves ferry service to Bintan and Batam, Indonesia.

You need to book a ticket in advance at the ferry terminal ticket counter or order online through You can book tickets at a price as low as 2 SGD (basic tariff promo ticket) if you get it from the website, then provide as early as possible to get this promo as it is only limited.

A day tour (return ticket – SG-IND-SG) is also available. Singapore to Bintan ferry, Indonesia is only 45-60 minutes away by boat and the price will not take much time. Singapore to Bintan ferry, On our trip we have a day tour ticket departing from Singapore at 09:10 and arrive in Indonesia at 10:10 am (GMT + 8).

The process is quite easy and always your passport is useful.

Checking In and Immigration

Once you reach the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, you must proceed to check in counter and they will scan your e-ticket. Give your passport – this is necessary, and you will be given your boarding pass. Singapore to Indonesia

After receiving your boarding pass, proceed to the immigration desk. Deliver your passport again with your Singapore departure card. Some officers will ask you the question of when will you stay in Indonesia, what resorts will you visit when you get there, how many days you will be in this country, or you will only stay in Bintan. Let them know what they need to know. On our experience, we were the only tourists on a one-day tour so there were not many questions.

After getting your stamp out, proceed to the designated gate. You need to scan your boarding pass and proceed to the ferry.

The ship can accommodate over a hundred passengers plus there are crew all the time and you do not have to worry about safety. The seats are even bigger and comfortable than those provided by an airline bus. I can say that the screen was smooth because I could sleep all the time and just woke up when the ship was docked at Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal.

From Bintan Terminal, proceed to the immigration desk. Same thing, queuing, passport, answering their questions, waiting for a stamp, scanning your bag, and that’s it! You are now in Indonesia

At Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal, you can proceed to book with countless resort counters scattered everywhere. Taxi drivers will also ask you to accompany them and everything, up to you while you there. Bintan map can be collected from ticket booth. Singapore to Indonesia

Bintan Accomodation

Bintan Accomodation

bintan accomodationBintan Accomodation in Bintan Island became the new idol of tourism in Riau Islands. How come? If every day you have to struggle with office work with high stress levels, visiting the island means travelers can relax the nerves are tense. Coastal tours, ecotourism, and surfing sports are the main attraction.


Bintan Island can be reached from various places. From Jakarta, the route is: Jakarta – Hang Nadim Airport (Batam) – take airport taxi (Rp65.000 *) or ride motorcycle taxi (Rp30.000 *) – Tanjung Punggur Harbor – ride speadboat to Lobam Pulau Bintan at Rp 35.000 * ( 15 minutes) or board the ferry at Rp 26.000 * (1 hour).

Bintan Accomodation From Johor (Malaysia), the route is: Johor – Tanjung Punggur Port – follow the route above. If you start your journey from singapore to bintan ferry, the route: Singapore – Batam – Port of Tanjung Punggur – ride speadbooat / ferry – Bintan Island. Oh yes, if travelers intend to travel around the island, it is advisable to rent a motorcycle (Rp100.000 * per day) or car (Rp300.000 * per day).


Its strategic location, overlooking the South China Sea and adjacent to Malaysia and Singapore make Bintan island always an alternative for holidays. With nearly 3,000 small and large islands make it very rich with marine and offers a unique natural beauty of the beach

The existence of Bintan Resort is quite extensive also attracted the attention of visitors. White sand that feels so soft with crystal clear water with a bluish-green alloy is very beautiful in the eyes. You can relax while capturing the exoticism of the beach with the natural atmosphere surrounding it. If the wind is big again where this is common at the end of the year, travelers can surf freely because the waves are big enough.

There is also Bintan Lagoon resort in the north of the island which became a byword because this place is designed specifically like Nusa Dua Bali. Here travelers will be spoiled with super facilities complete with five star hotels, spas, golf venues, exotic beaches and of course the maximum level of security to provide comfort to tourists. The majority of tourists coming from Singapore and Malaysia. Air similar overseas increasingly strong because the currency circulating in the hotel is US dollar and Singapore dollar.

Slightly flattened to the western part of Bintan Island, where you can visit Penyengat Island which can be reached for 15 minutes from Tanjung Pinang. Historical sites can still be seen clearly because once this place is the center of government of the Kingdom of Johor – Riau. Penyengat Island became the tomb of the last Sultan of Riau and Sultan Riau Mosque which has a charming architecture. Alternatively, you can visit the City Palace Plate at Biram Dewa, Pencil Monument, Melayu Kota Piring, and peek at the icon of the city of Tanjung Pinang in the form of Gurindam Gubah Raja Ali Haji.

Travelers, if this problem you do not need to worry because in Bintan Island there are many hotels and resorts that can be selected to stay. As we know, resorts and beaches are like two coins of each other on this island. The tariff is also quite diverse and can be tailored to your pocket.

Popular resorts on Bintan Island are few; such as Bintan Resort with white sand and markets offering souvenirs and souvenirs and Nirwana Garden Resort with luxurious amenities and natural and very clean beaches. There are even resorts that offer luxury like a golf course so you can do relaxation as well as sports in a beautiful place.

bintan accomodation Do not forget also to visit Trikora Beach yes travelers. This beach has also become one of the most beautiful beach icons in Bintan and visited by many local and foreign tourists. What is unique here of course coconut trees and mangroves are so shady and soft white sand amid the onslaught of blue sea waves.