Banyan Tree Bintan

Banyan Tree Bintan

Banyan Tree Bintan

Banyan Tree Bintan is one of the five star luxury hotels, with the best facilities. Find a golf course designed by Greg Norman at Laguna Bintan Golf, and enjoy the excitement of various water sports such as swimming, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, speedboat, banana boat, also available 2 tennis courts and a special vehicle to go through the jungle tracks. The hotel is built on the slopes of the mountains surrounded by green forest and overlooks the sea.

Villa Valley is in a quiet valley area surrounded by trees. Each villa has a swimming pool, large living area and veranda. There is an en suite bathroom with a soaking tub, open dining area, TV and video player, air conditioning, locker, coffee & tea maker, telephone and hairdryer. All villas have king size beds.

Restaurant & Food
There are various food choices available on this island. Guests can enjoy the natural beauty of the tropics, while dining. Find authentic Thai dishes, Mediterranean and oriental cuisine. There is a buffet breakfast, a selection of Indonesian flavors, snacks, cocktails, and many more around the villa.

Activities & Sport
Experience the excitement of playing golf in the Laguna Bintan Golf Club area, where there are 18 holes designed by Greg Norman. Also find a variety of other facilities, such as a sauna, steam bath, hot tub, and massage facilities to relax your body and mind. A myriad of outdoor activities await you, from jungle tracks, tennis, canoeing, catamaran sails, water skiing, jet skiing, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, speedboats, and banana boats (fees apply).

The hotel has a reception that is open 24 hours a day. There is a special baby room, meeting room, and airport shuttle (surcharge). Guests may request a tour around the island for an additional fee.

Directions to the hotel
It is a 45 minute ferry ride from Singapore to Bintan Island.

Bintan Villa

Bintan Villa

bintan villaCool, and natural. That was the first impression I felt when I first entered De Bintan Villa. A concepted hotel blend with nature is located at Jalan Lintas Tanjung Uban – Tanjungpinang Kilometer 34, Bintan Island, Riau Islands. Located not far from the foot of Bintan Mountain that looks elegant sticking out in the middle of Bintan Island lush by the trees. you can reach here with ferry from singapore

The sun nearly set when me and some blogger friends from Batam arrived at De Bintan Villa. The air was cool and cool behind the trees that grow thick around the villas. But the friendliness of his staff was warming the atmosphere of the day. Sincere-looking hospitality we felt ranging from security officers to managers once. From receptionists, restaurant waiters, and housekeepers. Hospitality is always a plus of any service.

Shortly after checking in, a security guard drove me and my friends to room number 117 and 118. The two rooms located on the right of De Bintan Villa’s entrance area from the outside looked like they were in one of the housing blocks. But when I opened the bedroom door, I jumped excitedly. Bed, bathroom, interior room and other facilities in the room is very appropriate expectations. Moreover in room 118 there is a bathtub. Something that always feels good and luxurious for picnic-thirsty girls like me. ?

After placing the items, we immediately drove by the vehicle to the uppermost parking area of ​​the villa to hunt sunset from the highest place in the area. Incidentally there is a tower there. Although the position of the sunset is covered with twigs and leaves, we can still see the graceful of Bintan Mountain which was hooded in a line of clouds.

For a moment staring at Bintan Mountain, my memory drifted to the memories of the past. Precisely on the date 16-18 August 2000 me and my friends from a community of nature lovers in Batam once held a trekking and camping in this mountain. 17 years ago I once stood on top of Mount Bintan. Fostering friendships with some people who are still in good shape today. Given the number 17 years, did not feel how very fast running time. Time flies.

De Bintan Villa has 30 rooms with various options and facilities. As the name implies, most of the rooms are located in villas with a very pampering scenery. The greenery of trees, tegapnya Mount Bintan, and the coast of Bintan Island are clearly visible from the balconies of the villa room.

The room types offered include Twin Family Villa, Deluxe Couple Villa, and Superior Couple Villa. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, LED television, refrigerator, electric kettle and kitchen utensils. Meanwhile the bathroom is equipped with heater and toiletries.

In addition to the villa, there is also a room type Deluxe Room which occupies the building like a house series but not less luxurious with the rooms in the villa. Because the interior of the room is almost the same as the interior of the rooms in the villa. Equipped also with panels and wooden floors that managed to add a natural impression on the room.

De Bintan Villa also provides rooms with dormitory type, the building is called a long house with basic facilities such as beds that resemble an army barracks. Price per person is 275 thousand rupiah including 3x meal and transportation to harbor. Minimum of 10 messages.

On online booking sites, room rates of De Bintan Villa are offered at prices ranging from 847,000 rupiah. The price includes 3x breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition guests do not have a headache thinking about the vehicle to the hotel because there is a free shuttle facility from the port or airport.

To pamper the guests, the hotel also provides a variety of package options to follow, such as city tour, fun diving, beach tour, snorkeling, sunset cruise, mangrove tour, hiking to Bintan Mountain, flying fox, kayaking, archery, rock climbing, fishing, cycling, karaoke, billiard, and others.


бинтан остров

бинтан островбинтан остров е индонезийски туристическа дестинация посещаван от туристи от Сингапур и Малайзия. Всъщност какво е интересно от остров Бинтан? бинтан остров има много интересни туристически места, които да посетите.

бинтан остров е най-големият остров в провинция Riau Islands. Островът е много близо до Сингапур и Малайзия има красив природен и общностен живот. Това е, когато чу това един остров, разбира се, че се представял като ви е красив плаж с луксозни курорти. Очевидно има много други природни и културни красоти на остров Бинтан.

От самото начало се проектира като туристически и почивен остров. Красивите плажове се намират в района на лагуните. Този район е избран като морската туристическа зона на защото има по-спокоен плаж почти през цялата година. Туристически атракции в тази област е изключителен интегриран туризъм Lagoi площ, туристическа село, предлагащо Sebong Pereh морски туризъм и плаж Sebong Pereh. В този район има много хотели, барове и дискотеки, луксозен спа център и няколко голф игрища.

Туристи от Сингапур и Малайзия могат да отидат на остров Бинтан по море, от Сингапур, могат да ползват от Танах Мерах фериботния терминал на Шри Бинтан Pura терминал в Танджунг Пинанг и Бандар Bentan Telani Терминал – Бинтан фериботния терминал в курорта Бинтан. От Малайзия може да бъде чрез Джохор Бару фериботния терминал на Шри Бинтан Pura терминал, Танджунг Пинанг

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Ако искате да научите повече за остров Бинтан на различни езици, имаме статии на арабски език

جزيرة بنتان

جزيرة بينتان هي وجهة سياحية إندونيسية زارها السياح من سنغافورة وماليزيا. في الواقع ما هو مثير للاهتمام من جزيرة بنتان؟ جزيرة بنتان لديها العديد من المواقع السياحية للاهتمام لزيارة.جزيرة بنتان

جزيرة بينتان هي أكبر جزيرة في مقاطعة جزر رياو. الجزيرة قريبة جدا من سنغافورة وماليزيا لديها حياة طبيعية ومجتمعية جميلة. هو، عند سماع هذه الجزيرة واحدة بالطبع أن يتصور من قبلك هو شاطئ جميل مع المنتجعات الفاخرة. على ما يبدو هناك العديد من الجمال الطبيعي والثقافي الأخرى من جزيرة بنتان.

من البداية، ومن المتوقع كسائح والجزيرة بقية. الشواطئ الجميلة التي تم تزيينها مع مرافق مختلفة مختلفة تقع معظمها على طول الساحل الشمالي للجزيرة، وتحديدا في منطقة لاغوي. يتم اختيار هذه المنطقة كمنطقة سياحية ساحلية لأنه يحتوي على شاطئ هادئ تقريبا على مدار السنة. مناطق الجذب السياحي في هذا المجال هي منطقة سياحية متكاملة حصرية لاغوي، قرية سيبونغ السياحية بيريه تقدم السياحة البحرية والشاطئ سيبونغ بيريه. في هذا المجال هناك العديد من المرافق السياحية من جيتسيت، من بين أمور أخرى، العديد من الفنادق نجوم والحانات والمراقص، سبا فاخر والعديد من ملاعب الغولف.

يمكن للسياح من سنغافورة وماليزيا الذهاب إلى جزيرة بنتان عن طريق البحر، من سنغافورة، ويمكن استخدام العبارة من محطة تانا ميرا إلى محطة سري بينتان بورا في تانجونج بينانج وبندر بنتان تيلاني الطرفية – محطة بنتان العبارات في منتجع بنتان. من ماليزيا يمكن أن يكون عبر محطة جوهور باهرو العبارات إلى سري بينتان بورا محطة، تانجونغ بينانج

في منتجعات بنتان هي: منتجع بنتان لاجون، لاغوي باي فيلاس، أنجسانا بنتان، بانيان تري بنتان، كانوبي بنتان، سانشايا، سويس بيل، ريا جولف لودج، نيروانا جاردنز، وأكثر من ذلك.