Bintan Lagoon Resort

bintan resort ferries

bintan resort ferriesbintan resort ferries, Come to Indonesia and the place to stay is definitely Bintan Lagoon Resort. Resort has the perfect choice for overnight stay and enjoyment. It gives you perfect tranquility from the solitude of normal and busy life. Perfect way to celebrate your holiday. Bintan Lagoon Resort offers a variety of options for you to choose from. The various resorts will offer different styles and ways of life.

Choose for yourself and follow the traditional Indonesian way and their customs and traditions. You can choose from the charming beachfront cafe to the resort and a beautiful ocean side villa where you can have your own private paradise away from the noise and tension of the city. If you’re more of a hill people then there’s a charming hillside villa too that will help take you on different trips through the delicious green hills. If you are looking for scenery then nothing can be better than the southern Chinese sea view that is close to the north coast of Bintan. There will always be certain parts of Indonesian culture that will welcome you as you pass through the resorts and villas that make up this place. Guests who come here need not worry about anything. This is a truly safe and secure place that will help make your stay more comfortable and memorable.

Bintan Lagoon Resort is one of the many options available under the auspices of Bintan Resorts to the extent that there will always be a special place created to meet your needs. This delux hotel has a large number of options available to you that will surely give you the ideal holiday you are looking for. Surrounded by a beautiful beachfront park that will help you get most of the culture and traditions of Indonesia. Located close to the bintan resort ferries  ferry this is an easy destination for travelers.

bintan resort ferries , Not only this hotel has the best location in terms of local delicacies and a market which is only about five minutes walk from the hotel. You can enjoy the traditions and customs of the local culture completely while staying at this hotel. Not only that this hotel has perfect facilities for you and your family. The rooms are furnished with perfect taste and have the most beautiful view from the window. bintan resort ferries , You can enjoy the perfect relaxing hotel in the hotel’s pool or pool bar. The calm blue water is guaranteed to remove all the tension and pressure from your body. Enjoy the best food in the hotel restaurant and enjoy the explosion at the pub and poolside bar. There are also many activities available to you from either the archery strip or the beautiful golf course where you can enjoy the perfect holiday.