Banyan Tree Bintan

Banyan Tree Bintan

Banyan Tree Bintan

Banyan Tree Bintan is one of the five star luxury hotels, with the best facilities. Find a golf course designed by Greg Norman at Laguna Bintan Golf, and enjoy the excitement of various water sports such as swimming, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, speedboat, banana boat, also available 2 tennis courts and a special vehicle to go through the jungle tracks. The hotel is built on the slopes of the mountains surrounded by green forest and overlooks the sea.

Villa Valley is in a quiet valley area surrounded by trees. Each villa has a swimming pool, large living area and veranda. There is an en suite bathroom with a soaking tub, open dining area, TV and video player, air conditioning, locker, coffee & tea maker, telephone and hairdryer. All villas have king size beds.

Restaurant & Food
There are various food choices available on this island. Guests can enjoy the natural beauty of the tropics, while dining. Find authentic Thai dishes, Mediterranean and oriental cuisine. There is a buffet breakfast, a selection of Indonesian flavors, snacks, cocktails, and many more around the villa.

Activities & Sport
Experience the excitement of playing golf in the Laguna Bintan Golf Club area, where there are 18 holes designed by Greg Norman. Also find a variety of other facilities, such as a sauna, steam bath, hot tub, and massage facilities to relax your body and mind. A myriad of outdoor activities await you, from jungle tracks, tennis, canoeing, catamaran sails, water skiing, jet skiing, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, speedboats, and banana boats (fees apply).

The hotel has a reception that is open 24 hours a day. There is a special baby room, meeting room, and airport shuttle (surcharge). Guests may request a tour around the island for an additional fee.

Directions to the hotel
It is a 45 minute ferry ride from Singapore to Bintan Island.

Bintan Villa

Bintan Villa

bintan villaCool, and natural. That was the first impression I felt when I first entered De Bintan Villa. A concepted hotel blend with nature is located at Jalan Lintas Tanjung Uban – Tanjungpinang Kilometer 34, Bintan Island, Riau Islands. Located not far from the foot of Bintan Mountain that looks elegant sticking out in the middle of Bintan Island lush by the trees. you can reach here with ferry from singapore

The sun nearly set when me and some blogger friends from Batam arrived at De Bintan Villa. The air was cool and cool behind the trees that grow thick around the villas. But the friendliness of his staff was warming the atmosphere of the day. Sincere-looking hospitality we felt ranging from security officers to managers once. From receptionists, restaurant waiters, and housekeepers. Hospitality is always a plus of any service.

Shortly after checking in, a security guard drove me and my friends to room number 117 and 118. The two rooms located on the right of De Bintan Villa’s entrance area from the outside looked like they were in one of the housing blocks. But when I opened the bedroom door, I jumped excitedly. Bed, bathroom, interior room and other facilities in the room is very appropriate expectations. Moreover in room 118 there is a bathtub. Something that always feels good and luxurious for picnic-thirsty girls like me. ?

After placing the items, we immediately drove by the vehicle to the uppermost parking area of ​​the villa to hunt sunset from the highest place in the area. Incidentally there is a tower there. Although the position of the sunset is covered with twigs and leaves, we can still see the graceful of Bintan Mountain which was hooded in a line of clouds.

For a moment staring at Bintan Mountain, my memory drifted to the memories of the past. Precisely on the date 16-18 August 2000 me and my friends from a community of nature lovers in Batam once held a trekking and camping in this mountain. 17 years ago I once stood on top of Mount Bintan. Fostering friendships with some people who are still in good shape today. Given the number 17 years, did not feel how very fast running time. Time flies.

De Bintan Villa has 30 rooms with various options and facilities. As the name implies, most of the rooms are located in villas with a very pampering scenery. The greenery of trees, tegapnya Mount Bintan, and the coast of Bintan Island are clearly visible from the balconies of the villa room.

The room types offered include Twin Family Villa, Deluxe Couple Villa, and Superior Couple Villa. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, LED television, refrigerator, electric kettle and kitchen utensils. Meanwhile the bathroom is equipped with heater and toiletries.

In addition to the villa, there is also a room type Deluxe Room which occupies the building like a house series but not less luxurious with the rooms in the villa. Because the interior of the room is almost the same as the interior of the rooms in the villa. Equipped also with panels and wooden floors that managed to add a natural impression on the room.

De Bintan Villa also provides rooms with dormitory type, the building is called a long house with basic facilities such as beds that resemble an army barracks. Price per person is 275 thousand rupiah including 3x meal and transportation to harbor. Minimum of 10 messages.

On online booking sites, room rates of De Bintan Villa are offered at prices ranging from 847,000 rupiah. The price includes 3x breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition guests do not have a headache thinking about the vehicle to the hotel because there is a free shuttle facility from the port or airport.

To pamper the guests, the hotel also provides a variety of package options to follow, such as city tour, fun diving, beach tour, snorkeling, sunset cruise, mangrove tour, hiking to Bintan Mountain, flying fox, kayaking, archery, rock climbing, fishing, cycling, karaoke, billiard, and others.


Bintan Lagoon Resort

bintan resort ferries

bintan resort ferriesbintan resort ferries, Come to Indonesia and the place to stay is definitely Bintan Lagoon Resort. Resort has the perfect choice for overnight stay and enjoyment. It gives you perfect tranquility from the solitude of normal and busy life. Perfect way to celebrate your holiday. Bintan Lagoon Resort offers a variety of options for you to choose from. The various resorts will offer different styles and ways of life.

Choose for yourself and follow the traditional Indonesian way and their customs and traditions. You can choose from the charming beachfront cafe to the resort and a beautiful ocean side villa where you can have your own private paradise away from the noise and tension of the city. If you’re more of a hill people then there’s a charming hillside villa too that will help take you on different trips through the delicious green hills. If you are looking for scenery then nothing can be better than the southern Chinese sea view that is close to the north coast of Bintan. There will always be certain parts of Indonesian culture that will welcome you as you pass through the resorts and villas that make up this place. Guests who come here need not worry about anything. This is a truly safe and secure place that will help make your stay more comfortable and memorable.

Bintan Lagoon Resort is one of the many options available under the auspices of Bintan Resorts to the extent that there will always be a special place created to meet your needs. This delux hotel has a large number of options available to you that will surely give you the ideal holiday you are looking for. Surrounded by a beautiful beachfront park that will help you get most of the culture and traditions of Indonesia. Located close to the bintan resort ferries  ferry this is an easy destination for travelers.

bintan resort ferries , Not only this hotel has the best location in terms of local delicacies and a market which is only about five minutes walk from the hotel. You can enjoy the traditions and customs of the local culture completely while staying at this hotel. Not only that this hotel has perfect facilities for you and your family. The rooms are furnished with perfect taste and have the most beautiful view from the window. bintan resort ferries , You can enjoy the perfect relaxing hotel in the hotel’s pool or pool bar. The calm blue water is guaranteed to remove all the tension and pressure from your body. Enjoy the best food in the hotel restaurant and enjoy the explosion at the pub and poolside bar. There are also many activities available to you from either the archery strip or the beautiful golf course where you can enjoy the perfect holiday.

bintan lagoon villa

bintan lagoon villa

bintan lagoon villaThere are many villa in bintan lagoon villa. If you want to relaxing and stay in bintan with a great facility. you may consider to stay at villa in bintan lagoon. Set amongst the vast tropical garden of our Bintan resort near Singapore, the well-equipped villas offer ideal accommodation for families, friends and corporate groups. From two to five bedroom configurations with self-catering facilities and a generous living room, villas include the convenience of a golf cart for transportation. Guests who enjoy the privacy of the villa use the facilities and facilities of our Bintan resort completely.

Cempaka Villa

If you want to stay, there is an Cempaka Villa A single-storey Cempaka villa contains three bedrooms – the master bedroom has a double bed with an en-suite bathroom. The second and third bedrooms have two single beds, accompanied by a common bathroom bintan lagoon villa.

Size: 140 sqm


Bedroom 1: 1 double bed
Bedroom 2: 1 single bed
Bedroom 3: 1 single bed

Villa features: Full Kitchen, Flat-Screen TV, Air-Conditioning, Bath &
Private Bathroom resort called The Canopy located right on the edge of the pool.

Bugan Vill

A double-storey Buganvil villa contains four bedrooms – the master bedroom has a double bed with an en-suite bathroom. The second bedroom has twin beds, and the third and fourth bedrooms have two single beds, accompanied by two common bathrooms.

Size: 185 sqm


Bedroom 1: 1 double bed
Bedroom 2: 1 single bed
Bedroom 3: 2 single beds
Bedroom 4: 1 single bed

Villa features: Full Kitchen, Flat-Screen TV, Air-Conditioning, Bath &
Private Bathroom

Angsoka Villa

Each double-storey Angsoka villa contains four bedrooms. The master bedroom has a double bed with an en-suite bathroom. The second bedroom and third bedrooms have twin beds, and the fourth bedroom has a single bed, accompanied by two common bathrooms. Each villa comes with a private swimming pool.

Size: 325 sqm


Bedroom 1: 1 double bed
Bedroom 2: 2 single bed
Bedroom 3: 2 single beds
Bedroom 4: 1 single bed

Villa features: Full Kitchen, Flat-Screen TV, Air-Conditioning, Bath &
Private Bathroom, Private Swimming Pool



Treasure Bay Bintan

Treasure Bay Bintan

treasure bay bintanTreasure Bay Bintan, became one of my tourist destinations and family during Lebaran holiday yesterday. I was really curious to see a swimming pool that is said to be the longest swimming pool in Southeast Asia. Previously I only saw photos of some friends, and it seems very exciting there.

Finally, I went to this Treasure Bay. Not all of my family members who took part in this Treasure Bay. Due to the price of admission expensive, be just the young ones who enter. The rest awaits at the inn.

To enter into this Treasure Bay area we have to pay entrance ticket for Rp100.000 for adults and Rp50.000 for children. Of the nominal, 20% is used as an entrance ticket and the remaining 80% becomes a deposit that can be used to try the various water activities that are there, or to buy food and drinks. This deposit can not be refunded, so it’s better to just spend it, so it does not matter.

In each group will get 1 piece of entry in the form of bracelets. In this bracelet our deposit is located. There is an additional charge of Rp40,000 for this bracelet guarantee. The fee can be refunded when we return the bracelet. But if I do not want to be returned, it’s okay, the bracelet can be brought home and can be used again within 3 months from the first arrival. With a note: the deposit in the day remains exhausted and can not be used again in the next visit.

Then, what’s in Treasure Bay Bintan?

The most famous and time viral of the video in circulation is the Crystal Lagoon. The swimming pool that became the longest and largest swimming pool first in Southeast Asia! Crystal Lagoon has a length of about 800 meters with an area of about 6 hectares.

Why in the title of this post I say if this beach pool taste? Because when I drank the pool water, it was salty bok. Yes, so the water in the Crystal Lagoon is made in such a way that it resembles water on the beach. On the edge of the pond itself there are also fine sand beaches and soft.

Overall, Crystal Lagoon is indeed very similar to the original beach. The water is also very navy blue sea. But if compared with the real beach, of course in Crystal Lagoon is cleaner and safer for children swimming, because there are no dangerous sea animals. If you want to stay, there is an optional resort called The Canopy located right on the edge of the pool.

The Canopi Bintan

The Canopi Bintan

canopi bintanThe Canopi Bintan is the beautiful place to relaxing in Bintan Island, Located in Treasure Bay Bintan, Kawasan Pariwisata, Jl. Raja Haji KM 01, Teluk Sebong, Lagoi, Sebong Lagoi, Tlk. Sebong, Kabupaten Bintan, Kepulauan Riau 29152. You can getting here with Bintan ferry

Treasure Bay is a seaside resort town of 338 hectares located on Bintan Island. The resort destination combines health, recreation, cultural, residential and commercial concepts. The 20-year master plan will be developed in three stages and will offer many of Asia’s first concepts to create new travel and holiday experiences for visitors, and wonderful investment opportunities for investors.

The Phase One development section was officially launched in September 2015 including a 40-tier Canopy resort, Patio Bar and Restaurant and Chill Cove, an entertainment-centered mixture of hotels and boutique brands such as Mercure, Ibis Budget, bars and restaurants. , surrounds 6.3 hectares Crystal Lagoon – the largest people making saltwater lagoons in Southeast Asia.

The Canopi Bintan combines the best of camping in nature and luxury hotel rooms to give guests the best glamping experience at Treasure Bay Bintan. The outside of the tent features a very large and cool tent while the interior improves everything from basic needs such as lights and sofas, to air conditioning and clean bathrooms. For canopi review check our another page.


Purchase IDR 1,000,000 worth of Chill Cove activity credits at only IDR 700,000 nett

Promotion valid until 31 December 2017, only through direct tent booking with The Canopi. Other T&Cs apply.

For booking you can direct access to here


  • Spa tent
  • Meeting facilities
  • Water sports activities – Cable Ski, Wakeboarding, Water Sports Park, Jetovator, Sailboats & Kayaks, Stand-Up
  • Paddle, Underwater Scooter, Solar Boat Ride
  • Land sports activities – Segways, mini ATVs, bicycles, ATV & UTV Off-Road Rides, Mini ATVs, Electric Scooters, Classic Car Rides, 2PT-Wheelers
  • Crystal Lagoon – 6.3 hectares (biggest in South East Asia)
  • Nature Hikes by Famed Naturalist and Private Mangrove Tours

Club Med Bintan Island

Club Med Bintan Island

club med bintan islandClub Med Bintan Island offers almost all types of adventure activities including a variety of water sports.When comes to Bintan Island, this is definitely amazing advanture. Just 1 hour ferry from Singapore to bintan island.

Come from April to October, the calm waters provide the best playgrounds for snorkeling, diving (and learning), jet skiing and water skiing, while November to March bring the perfect swell for boarding long, body boarding and windsurfing.

For couples and families who really enjoy Club-inclusive Club Med holidays, the new Club Med Bintan Island is definitely worth a visit! Being such a short trip from Singapore, you can enter this vibrant city in your holiday itinerary.

The true beauty of Club Med Bintan Island resort lies in its all-inclusive nature so that once you pay, you do not need to spend any further cash on drinks, food or activities. Enjoy the abundance offered at the resort, the pool-side simple zones or be included in some luxurious spa treatments. Best of all for couples with kids, there is a kids club where they can be entertained while you really get the time limit.

Being a new parent myself, we really like a lot of down time but also like to explore and stay active while away. Club Med offers a host of outstanding activities like yoga, beach volleyball and football, aqua fitness, waterpolo, badminton as well as biking and mountain biking to name a few. Here is the list club med deal list.

Made for a holistic holiday, all facilities within Club Med Bintan Island have been refreshed, such as the main building consisting of lobby, swimming pool and bar and lounge.

With fantastic sea and sea views, from arrival to departure, what is not to like?

What is a holistic vacation without spoiling a spa session? And on the newly revamped Club Med Bintan Island, you can enjoy a delightful Indonesian massage in the hills of The Asmara.

And now, they even have a 5 hour and 10 hour package to give you a perfect day of pampering sessions.

PS: If you’re here with your kids, just drop them off at the Kids Club before you move on for some “me” time.

Singapore to Bintan Ferry

Singapore to Bintan Ferry

singapore to bintan ferryIf you have not read about road travel from Thailand to Malaysia, and Malaysia to Singapore, now is the best time. Singapore to Bintan ferry.

There is one ferry terminal from nearby Changi airport to Indonesia from Singapore, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal serves ferry service to Bintan and Batam, Indonesia.

You need to book a ticket in advance at the ferry terminal ticket counter or order online through You can book tickets at a price as low as 2 SGD (basic tariff promo ticket) if you get it from the website, then provide as early as possible to get this promo as it is only limited.

A day tour (return ticket – SG-IND-SG) is also available. Singapore to Bintan ferry, Indonesia is only 45-60 minutes away by boat and the price will not take much time. Singapore to Bintan ferry, On our trip we have a day tour ticket departing from Singapore at 09:10 and arrive in Indonesia at 10:10 am (GMT + 8).

The process is quite easy and always your passport is useful.

Checking In and Immigration

Once you reach the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, you must proceed to check in counter and they will scan your e-ticket. Give your passport – this is necessary, and you will be given your boarding pass. Singapore to Indonesia

After receiving your boarding pass, proceed to the immigration desk. Deliver your passport again with your Singapore departure card. Some officers will ask you the question of when will you stay in Indonesia, what resorts will you visit when you get there, how many days you will be in this country, or you will only stay in Bintan. Let them know what they need to know. On our experience, we were the only tourists on a one-day tour so there were not many questions.

After getting your stamp out, proceed to the designated gate. You need to scan your boarding pass and proceed to the ferry.

The ship can accommodate over a hundred passengers plus there are crew all the time and you do not have to worry about safety. The seats are even bigger and comfortable than those provided by an airline bus. I can say that the screen was smooth because I could sleep all the time and just woke up when the ship was docked at Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal.

From Bintan Terminal, proceed to the immigration desk. Same thing, queuing, passport, answering their questions, waiting for a stamp, scanning your bag, and that’s it! You are now in Indonesia

At Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal, you can proceed to book with countless resort counters scattered everywhere. Taxi drivers will also ask you to accompany them and everything, up to you while you there. Bintan map can be collected from ticket booth. Singapore to Indonesia

Bintan Island Accommodation

bintan island accommodation

bintan island accommodationFrom jakarta or pekanbaru, bintan island accommodation can use airplane transportation directly to airport (airport) Raja Haji Fisabilillah, a national hero who also earned Bintang Maha Putra Adi Pradana. This airport was formerly named Kijang airport, which is located in the town of Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island. To further widen access, the airport is continuously expanding and widening. Understandably, this is done to invite various airlines to be able to open a route to the island.

The access path to Bintan island is very easy. This is in addition to the provincial capital of the Riau archipelago is also found in this island, tourist attractions and industrial areas are also quite a lot, so it is natural that the government also build the widest path to go to Bintan island.

in addition to the aircraft path directly to the island bintan (famous for the city: Tanjung Pinang), air lines can also be accessed as broad as the purpose of batam. Then from batam, can use the sea landing ferry. the distance is not too far away, it only takes about 1 hour. as for the sea port in batam commonly used for the destination Tanjung Pinang is a landing pond punggur. While the port Sekupang usually this port connects the city of Batam with the ports in the western archipelago, such as the port of Tanjung Balai Karimun (Karimun island), Tanjung Batu Karimun (Kundur island) and the port of Dumai, the island of Birds, as well as the islands in the south such as the island of Bangka , Belitung and also with the city of Palembang and Jakarta. For overseas shipping, Sekupang port also has transportation links to Singapore (HarbourFront) and Malaysia (Kukup).

The best transportation reaches the islands here of course is the boat, because the whole place is surrounded by sea and river. bintan island accommodation with Ferry is the main transport. Which way by land is almost impossible. Bintan is a place where people can find a blend of two cultures namely Singapore and Indonesia.

For visitors visiting Singapore and Indonesia, Bintan is the place to go. Berint is located near Singapore but still requires a valid passport and visa to visit Bintan. There is a striking lifestyle difference between the southern and northern regions of Bintan. The northern part became part of Singapore. This section is full of hotels and resorts for tourists like Banyan Tree Bintan Island. Southern part is a bit more suitable for newcomers. Here the climate is comfortable throughout the year and hence tourists can come anytime every year

Bintan Accomodation

Bintan Accomodation

bintan accomodationBintan Accomodation in Bintan Island became the new idol of tourism in Riau Islands. How come? If every day you have to struggle with office work with high stress levels, visiting the island means travelers can relax the nerves are tense. Coastal tours, ecotourism, and surfing sports are the main attraction.


Bintan Island can be reached from various places. From Jakarta, the route is: Jakarta – Hang Nadim Airport (Batam) – take airport taxi (Rp65.000 *) or ride motorcycle taxi (Rp30.000 *) – Tanjung Punggur Harbor – ride speadboat to Lobam Pulau Bintan at Rp 35.000 * ( 15 minutes) or board the ferry at Rp 26.000 * (1 hour).

Bintan Accomodation From Johor (Malaysia), the route is: Johor – Tanjung Punggur Port – follow the route above. If you start your journey from singapore to bintan ferry, the route: Singapore – Batam – Port of Tanjung Punggur – ride speadbooat / ferry – Bintan Island. Oh yes, if travelers intend to travel around the island, it is advisable to rent a motorcycle (Rp100.000 * per day) or car (Rp300.000 * per day).


Its strategic location, overlooking the South China Sea and adjacent to Malaysia and Singapore make Bintan island always an alternative for holidays. With nearly 3,000 small and large islands make it very rich with marine and offers a unique natural beauty of the beach

The existence of Bintan Resort is quite extensive also attracted the attention of visitors. White sand that feels so soft with crystal clear water with a bluish-green alloy is very beautiful in the eyes. You can relax while capturing the exoticism of the beach with the natural atmosphere surrounding it. If the wind is big again where this is common at the end of the year, travelers can surf freely because the waves are big enough.

There is also Bintan Lagoon resort in the north of the island which became a byword because this place is designed specifically like Nusa Dua Bali. Here travelers will be spoiled with super facilities complete with five star hotels, spas, golf venues, exotic beaches and of course the maximum level of security to provide comfort to tourists. The majority of tourists coming from Singapore and Malaysia. Air similar overseas increasingly strong because the currency circulating in the hotel is US dollar and Singapore dollar.

Slightly flattened to the western part of Bintan Island, where you can visit Penyengat Island which can be reached for 15 minutes from Tanjung Pinang. Historical sites can still be seen clearly because once this place is the center of government of the Kingdom of Johor – Riau. Penyengat Island became the tomb of the last Sultan of Riau and Sultan Riau Mosque which has a charming architecture. Alternatively, you can visit the City Palace Plate at Biram Dewa, Pencil Monument, Melayu Kota Piring, and peek at the icon of the city of Tanjung Pinang in the form of Gurindam Gubah Raja Ali Haji.

Travelers, if this problem you do not need to worry because in Bintan Island there are many hotels and resorts that can be selected to stay. As we know, resorts and beaches are like two coins of each other on this island. The tariff is also quite diverse and can be tailored to your pocket.

Popular resorts on Bintan Island are few; such as Bintan Resort with white sand and markets offering souvenirs and souvenirs and Nirwana Garden Resort with luxurious amenities and natural and very clean beaches. There are even resorts that offer luxury like a golf course so you can do relaxation as well as sports in a beautiful place.

bintan accomodation Do not forget also to visit Trikora Beach yes travelers. This beach has also become one of the most beautiful beach icons in Bintan and visited by many local and foreign tourists. What is unique here of course coconut trees and mangroves are so shady and soft white sand amid the onslaught of blue sea waves.